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Voting Systems

Our interactive voting system is a handheld device with buttons to press, so it couldn’t be easier to use. Making PowerPoint presentations interactive, our keypads enable you to connect with your audience and find out what they are thinking in real time.

Interactive keypads are an easy-to-use Audience Response System that give your presentations greater impact by helping you stay in touch with your audience. The system allows for easy communication between the presenter and the audience members and can be used for serious matters or simply to add a bit of fun into your event.

If you require audience participation in your conferences then you will love this voting system. It’s great for audience interaction and provides you with accurate and fast results, saving you lots of time which can prove very useful. More than just a simple voting system, our keypads allow you to quickly respond, track and analyse audience responses to increase feedback for a more effective meeting.

This technology makes audience participation really easy and much more enjoyable so there is no longer any reason why an audience should be out of touch with the presenter/speaker.

Some of our Clients

Below are a select few of our clients. We believe our clients make it easy for us to provide the best service we can give.